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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.

Advanced Antennas and Wireless Communications Research


Dr Nemai Karmakar has an interest in advanced antenna design and the next generation of RFID type of devices.

Honorary staff are also still involved:
Dr John A. Bennett specialises in ionospheric radio propagation, radar and TIGER projects

Mr Stewart Jenvey has research interests in  indoor radio propagation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and avionics as well as advanced antenna design and measurement. An anechoic chamber facility for antenna measurements, an EMC chamber for EMC research and testing are part of the facilitiesi that have been created.

There is a strong crossover in research interests and collaboration with other members of CTIE and the department in general as wireless communications involves all aspects of hardware, simulation and signal processing.

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