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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.


Optical Communications @ CTIE


Research to push the boundaries of communication capacity includes areas of ultra-broadband (up to and possibly higher than 10 Tera-bps) communication transmission and networks including lightwave generation and modulation techniques, transmission properties of optical guided media, optical amplification and detection techniques, especially novel modelling techniques in frequency domain for nonlinear operating-regime of optical systems and networks, optical transport network modelling for DWDM optically amplified transport networks, optical packet switched transmission and networking design techniques, quantum communications over optical fibre transmission systems and networks, and photonic Signal Processing for All-Optical Communications Systems and Networks.

The Optical Communications Laboratory has recently been updated with the donation of a Siemens TransXpress Infinity Multiwavelength Transport System which is a Long-Reach Ultra-High Capacity optical equipment produced by Siemens.

A simulation environment (in Matlab) has been created and the output of the simulations verified by the use of the facilities within the Optical Communications lab. It is generally referred to as MOCSS2004. A recent technical report related to it is:
MECSE-2-2005 L.N. Binh, A. Chua and G. Alagaratnam
MOCSS2004: Monash Optical Communication System Simulator for Optically Amplified DWDM Advanced Modulation Formats pdf

The Siemens equipment has been used to research ultra-high speed networks and has led to the creation of the following technical report as well as much other research:
MECSE-23-2006 L.N. Binh
40G Overlay 10G DWDM Photonic Transmission Systems Using Advanced Modulation Formats pdf


The facilities within the Centre are being constantly changed and updated almost on a monthly basis. The list below should be treated as representative only.

Optical Communications and Applied Photonics Laboratory

The Centre is equipped with a research and teaching laboratory for optical communications and applied photonics including the following:
  • For Optical Systems and Networks Modeling:
    Extensive modeling MATLAB-based platform for computer aided design of single channels and dense wavelength division multiplexed optical fibre communications systems and networks, design tools for optical transport networks, basic optical transmission system components.
  • Design with external collaboration for linear and nonlinear integrated photonic components, especially electro-optic multi-GHz optical modulators, high-precision packaging platform for integrated photonic component technology.
  • Electronic noise suppressed optical receivers and transmitters for quantum optical communications.

  • optics bench

    Siemens TransXpress Infinity Multiwavelength Transport System
    The Siemens TransXpress Infinity Multiwavelength Transport System supports 16x 10Gb/s channels.
    Optical Fibre has been donated by Telstra and Corning Cable Systems.
    Siemens TransXpress in the lab
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    For further information please contact Dr. L.N. Binh

    ECSE General office (who will redirect you appropriately) Telephone: +61 3 9905 3486 Facsimile: +61 3 9905 3454

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