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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.

The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering has been closed!!!!!!!
This website has been left up as a historical resource and is not being updated.

The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE) is recognised as a centre of excellence in telecommunications research, technical consulting and education.

It is an innovative group of highly proficient telecommunications engineers based at Monash University's Clayton campus. It is part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering.

The group carries out leading edge research, works collaboratively with and consults for key industry sectors, cultural institutions, organisations in health, the environment, and government, and provides professional training courses.

ATNAC is on again:
Australasian Telecommunication Networks And Applications Conference (ATNAC 2011)
9-11th NOVEMBER 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Dr. K. K. Pang passed away peacefully March 2009.

Dr NC Karmakar and Assoc Prof I Brown received an ARC linkage grant for the project "Radio Frequency Wireless Monitoring in Sleep Apnoea (Particularly for Paediatric Patients)"
A PhD Scholarship was offered. Please contact them to find out more about this project
October 2008: Dr NC Karmakar has been successful in two ARC Linkage grants for the projects:
"Printable, multi-bit RFID for banknotes" with SatNet P/L and Securency International P/L
"Smart information management of partial discharge in switchyards using smart antennas" with SP Ausnet.

CTIE has had a long association with the ATNAC conference and in 2007 it was on again in New Zealand:
Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, ATNAC 2007, Christchurch, New Zealand, 5-7 December 2007
"Next Generation Networks: enabling closer international cooperation"

ICT CRC's Closing Article in The Age: Including the ATcrc which was a big part of telecommunications (especially IPv6) research in CTIE for the last 5 or 6 years. Article in The Age Newspaper Next section Tues. 6th June 2006

Facilities in Optical Communications and Applied Photonics Laboratory:
A 10x 16 Gb/s optically amplified long-haul transmission system has been donated by Siemens. Some details at Siemens TransXpress Infinity Multiwavelength Transport System
Telstra has donated significant quantities of equipment and fibre to the lab.

CTIE has been involved in the Australian government cooperative Research Centre effort since 1993. It continues with a strong record in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants scheme and through direct industry consultancies.

CTIE was the Applications program leader in the Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre, but research has ended in that project (Dec. 2005). Commercialisation activities are ongoing.

CTIE maintains an extensive vendor independent telecommunications network testbed and video communications and encoding facilities for its research efforts. It has significant Optical Communications and applied photonic facilities. It also has an extensive collection of robotic aircraft used in the Aerobotics activities, as well as many design and simulation facilities for research in network simulations and radio frequency communications

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