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Daniel Grimm @ CTIE

GRIMM, Mr Daniel

Phone: +61 3 9905 2498, Fax: +61 3 9905 5358
eMail: daniel.grimm@eng.monash.edu.au

Research Fellow, Program 1.1, ATCRC (Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre). Also Manager IT Services, ECSE department

B.E (Hons) (Monash) 1986

Selected Research interests: Multimedia delivery systems, Lower bitrate video streaming,IPv6, Mobile phone applications (including WAP), 2.5G, 3G Mobile Phone and Wireless networks, Security related to multimedia delivery, Traffic analysis/simulation. Video on demand and video conferencing systems.

Current work: ATcrc 1.1
Issues related to IPv6, MIPv6 and multicast when using video on demand systems (streaming video).
Enhancing Quicktime/Darwin Streaming Server to support IPv6, DSS Proxy (IPv4 to IPv6 gateway as well).

Selected Publications:

Some of my publications (conference papers)

ATCRC related:- WAP and MS Active Server Pages. Simultaneous Voice,data services on Aust. WAP mobile phones - likely future.
CTIE and earlier projects:- Papers on Delivery Systems evaluation, Microsoft NT 4 based web and streaming servers, Online video delivery and security (internet mainly), SSL and TLS - Network transport layer security, Safe video delivery for Digital Media Library trial

Old news:

Technical assistance provided for live quicktime based webcast at the Monash Uni. Museum of Art "The art of protest" July 2002.



Daniel Grimm

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