IETF 63 DNA Session Minutes

Minutes taken by Suresh Krishnan are available here: IETF63_DNA_Minutes.txt.

IETF 63 DNA Session Presentations

  1. DNA Session Agenda - Greg Daley, Suresh Krishnan DNAAgenda63.ppt
  2. Link-layer Event Notifications Document Status (was incorrectly: DNA Routers (BCP) Document status) - Alper Yegin IETF63-DNA-L2.ppt
  3. DNA with unmodified routers Document status - Erik Nordmark
  4. DNA Routers (BCP) Document status - Nicolas Montavont
  5. DNA Hosts (BCP) Document Status - Sathya Narayanan DNA_Hosts_BCP_4Aug2005.ppt
  6. Fast Router Discovery using modified access points - JinHyeock Choi FRD63.ppt
  7. Summary of Landmark And CompleteRA - Brett Pentland IETF_63_-_DNA_Landmark-CompleteRA_summary.ppt
  8. Link Identifiers - JinHyeock Choi LinkID63.ppt
  9. Link Identification Solution Comparison - Sathya Narayanan, Greg Daley DNASolnComparison_4Aug2005.ppt
  10. FMIPv6 and DNA interaction - Rajeev Koodli 63ietf-dnawg-fmip-with-dna.ppt
  11. Analysis of relocation delays in IPv6 - Christian Vogt vogt-2005-ietf63-dna-analysis-of-ip6-relocation-delays.pdf